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Family Legal Services

Beginning, or ending, a marriage or common-law relationship is an emotional time and Mosaicstone Law, a top-rated Calgary Family Law firm can assist you with personalized service and careful attention to detail. With over 15 years of experience in the legal profession, Mosaicstone Law will help you protect what matters with effective, practical legal advice delivered with care and compassion. Driven by a genuine commitment to each client, we have extensive experience in family law, which includes: prenuptial and cohabitation agreements; divorce and separation; child custody, access, and support; spousal support; and division of property.

Our client-centred approach means we offer the highest level of professional legal service, coupled with deep mediation experience, to help you achieve a successful resolution in the most agreeable and cost effective way possible.

Protecting What Matters to You

There are long term consequences to beginning, or ending, a life partnership with a significant other. Obtaining professional legal advice during times of transition can mitigate risk, improve outcomes and make the journey less confusing and stressful. Mosaicstone Law is here to help with practical, compassionate legal guidance.

Deciding to get married or live together signals a new and exciting time in your life, and not necessarily a time you want to think about your relationship ending up a statistic. However, societal changes continue to drive the need for prenuptial and cohabitation agreements. Today, people are making the decision to marry or cohabitate more than once or later in life,  and are often entering these unions with children and/or assets. 

Discussions prompted by prenuptial and cohabitation agreements offer couples a structured way to have what can be uncomfortable conversations and an opportunity to communicate and clarify expectations from the onset. The heart wrenching decision to end a marriage or common-law relationship is often accompanied by sadness, fear and frustration. Elements of a relationship ending can be complicated, and may include divorce, separation, child custody and access, child support, spousal support and division of property. 

Mosaicstone Law is experienced in all aspects of family law, and will work with you to ensure you’re fully protected and represented. All attempts are made to resolve any disputes in the least contentious, and most affordable, way whenever possible. Drawing on extensive professional experience and our own personal journeys, we can relate and are able to advise and guide with compassion and empathy. 

Realistic Options, Lasting Solutions

We listen to your story and work with you to strategize the best way to achieve legal resolution. We offer realistic options and guide you through the process in a timely, cost-effective manner to achieve lasting, effective solutions. 

Focused, timely attention to your matter with compassionate, honest, and ethical legal guidance tailored to your unique situation. Contact us at 403.226.5830 to begin your journey to resolution.

Legal Support for Your Family Transition

Family law is complex, and legal issues involving family relationships are often highly charged and emotional. Whether transitioning into a new partnership or marriage, or considering separation or divorce, Mosaicstone Law will provide clarity about your options and support throughout the process.

Prenuptial and cohabitation agreements: a relationship contract allowing you both to determine ahead of time your views on financial responsibility, use and sharing of income, how you will divide property and assets, etc. 

Separation or divorce: is a time when you will need to make many important decisions for yourself and, if you’re a parent, your children. As both federal and provincial legislation governs family law in Canada, it’s important to enlist a trusted legal professional to help you understand your rights and responsibilities. 

Child custody and access: there is a lot to consider when deciding what’s best for your children during and after separation or divorce. While it can be very challenging to set aside any negativity, the ideal is to create a parenting plan in collaboration with the other parent to establish where the children will live, and without involving them in any conflict. 

Child support: parents are legally obligated to support their children financially and will need to come to an agreement on the amount they are required to pay. If parents are unable to agree, the court has guidelines to determine child support. 

Spousal support: sometimes referred to as maintenance or alimony, spousal support is money paid by one spouse to the other after they separate or divorce. There are a number of factors affecting whether a married or common law spouse is entitled to support, and the amount they are entitled to.

Division of property: two pieces of legislation currently govern division of property in Alberta - the Matrimonial Property Act and the Family Property Act. How the property is divided significantly affects how well you are able to move forward with your new life.

Our Clients Say It All

At Mosaicstone Law, we’ve had the honour to work with some truly exceptional people. Often, we meet as strangers under challenging conditions. In the end we part friends, having worked closely to achieve resolution. We are grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in our clients’ lives, and we invite you to read through what they have to say about our time together.

Expeditious, Innovative and Effective

At Mosaicstone Law we understand the emotions and uncertainties experienced by our clients when planning their estates, or dealing with legal family issues.  

Whenever possible, we take a mediation approach - a more cost-effective and expeditious solution than going through the Court system. We take the time to really hear what our clients want and need and work closely with them to formulate effective strategies and innovative solutions. We are here to listen. Call 403.226.5830 and let’s get started.

Your New and Better Future

As you can see, family law involves many moving parts that have life-changing outcomes. How well you, and (if applicable ) your children, move forward into a healthy new future following a separation or divorce depends heavily on how well things are managed throughout the process. 

As the legislation governing family law is both federal and provincial, things can get very complicated. And very costly. That’s why it is critical to work with a caring, competent lawyer who will fully protect your rights while doing everything possible to ensure the least contentious, most cost effective solution.

At Mosaicstone Law, we have the experience to help you explore your full range of options and the heart to help you determine next steps without judgement or pressure. Call us to start your journey into a new and better future.


At Mosaicstone Law, you can expect expert, focused and compassionate legal advice from your initial contact to the final resolution of your Estate or Family Law matter. We keep you informed throughout the process, are accessible and provide the highest level of service with extensive training and experience in mediation, arbitration and litigation.

Family Law Frequently Asked Questions

These agreements allow couples to set out how their assets and debts may be divided if you separate, how you will manage your financial picture as a couple and the rights and responsibilities of each partner in the relationship. The best thing about having an agreement is it forces you to discuss the difficult topics and fully understand each other's expectations before you embark on a partnership that has legal ramifications.

How long is a string? It is difficult to answer this because we have to identify the issues and make sure we haven't missed anything. People often think their situation is "simple" but the cost will be greatly influenced by the number of issues and the degree of conflict that arises.

Not necessarily. We believe that people live most comfortably with the agreements they have arrived at themselves, even if they don't get everything they want. There are a number of alternative dispute resolutions that we can explore before resorting to the Court system.

Protecting What Matters Most

Protecting What Matters Most

We know family legal situations can be emotionally charged and complex. We are here to help you work through the confusing, and sometimes overwhelming, world of estate planning and family law, including divorce, separation and child custody and support. Our innovative and cost-effective solutions are delivered with care to protect what matters most. We are proud to serve Calgary, AB and surrounding areas.

What Matters to You Matters to Us

Family legal situations can be emotionally charged, complex and confusing. We are here to help you face and conquer the challenges related to estate planning and family law, including divorce, separation and child custody and support. 

At Mosaicstone Law, we tailor our approach to your individual circumstances, understanding that each situation is unique. Our innovative and cost-effective solutions are delivered with care to protect what matters most. Call us at 403.226.5830 because what matters to you, matters to us.

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