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Wills & Estate Services

Estate planning is not just for the wealthy. While an estate plan certainly offers you the ease of knowing assets you’ve accumulated over a lifetime are left to the people who matter most, it also ensures that decisions made in case of your mental or physical incapacity are made according to your wishes. An estate plan helps lighten the burden from your loved ones during their time of grief.  

At Mosaicstone, we know that facing the prospect of planning your estate can be daunting. We have the experience and knowledge to create a comprehensive estate plan that meets your unique needs, and protects the needs of your family. We also understand the emotional toll end-of-life planning can take and provide support and empathy throughout the process.

Estate Law Simplified

Estate Planning involves the preparation of Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Personal Directives in anticipation of incapacity or death. 

Throughout her 14-year career in law, Mosaicstone Law founder Tracey Erler has chosen to specialize in Wills and Estates, taking extensive training in this area and developing an easy-to-understand, streamlined process. A former teacher, Tracey is well-versed in simplifying difficult concepts through examples and analogies. She is also a trained mediator with 8 years of experience resolving estate conflicts when and if required. 

Planning your estate begins with a thorough review of your personal situation to identify assets, tax implications, potential family conflicts and all other family dynamics, to determine the best way to divide the property after death. Estate planning also includes identifying the right strategy and preparing the documents to ensure your wishes are carried out in the event you become incapacitated and are unable to take care of your affairs. 

At Mosaicstone Law, we take time with our clients to go over the documents line by line so they understand absolutely everything they are signing. We know that planning your estate may bring up issues and help you navigate the process with empathy and understanding. 

Planning your estate will be one of the most significant acts you will undertake in life. Done properly, it alleviates added stress on your loved ones during difficult times.

Realistic Options, Lasting Solutions

We listen to your story and work with you to strategize the best way to achieve legal resolution. We offer realistic options and guide you through the process in a timely, cost-effective manner to achieve lasting, effective solutions. 

Focused, timely attention to your matter with compassionate, honest, and ethical legal guidance tailored to your unique situation. Contact us at 403.226.5830 to begin your journey to resolution.

A Comprehensive Estate Plan

An estate plan deals with much more than the distribution of assets and wealth upon death. In addition to providing an inventory of the property to be distributed according to your specified wishes, an estate plan provides direction for end-of-life decisions that can be devastating for family members to make during times of emotional pain, loss and confusion.

A comprehensive estate plan typically includes the following:

  • Will: a legal document that identifies a person or persons to administer the estate and to ensure beneficiaries are provided for according to your specific direction. Wills are also used to appoint guardians for children, and management and administration of assets for dependents who are not able to manage their own legal matters. 
  • Power of Attorney: a legal document giving someone you assign the legal ability to manage your assets if you become unable to do so through mental or physical disability. This is of particular importance between spouses because, without it, your spouse will have to apply to the Court to be appointed a Trustee. 
  • Personal Directives: often referred to as a “living Will”, it is a legal document that gives a person legal responsibility to ensure non-financial decisions such as medical intervention, life support and residence are made according to your wishes. 

Mosaicstone Law provides knowledgeable, compassionate legal guidance to ensure your estate plan is bulletproof and not subject to alteration or modification. With a solid estate plan, you can rest assured that your wishes can’t be easily overturned or misrepresented, and the risk of intrafamily discord is greatly minimized.

Our Clients Say It All

At Mosaicstone Law, we’ve had the honour to work with some truly exceptional people. Often, we meet as strangers under challenging conditions. In the end we part friends, having worked closely to achieve resolution. We are grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in our clients’ lives, and we invite you to read through what they have to say about our time together.

Expeditious, Innovative and Effective

At Mosaicstone Law we understand the emotions and uncertainties experienced by our clients when planning their estates, or dealing with legal family issues.  

Whenever possible, we take a mediation approach - a more cost-effective and expeditious solution than going through the Court system. We take the time to really hear what our clients want and need and work closely with them to formulate effective strategies and innovative solutions. We are here to listen. Call 403.226.5830 and let’s get started.

Taking That First Step

We know that the thought of making decisions about beneficiaries, and contemplating end-of-life medical care, may deter you from taking action to put your affairs in order. 

Mosaicstone Law delivers a professional, bulletproof estate plan. We are passionate about estate law, committed to excellence in client service, and we genuinely care about the people we serve. We are here to guide and support you throughout the process with empathy and understanding because, as people, we can relate. 

If you have any questions or concerns about getting started, we are here to help. Estate planning is not just about peace of mind knowing your wishes will be honoured, it’s also about leaving a legacy of caring for your loved ones.


At Mosaicstone Law, you can expect expert, focused and compassionate legal advice from your initial contact to the final resolution of your Estate or Family Law matter. We keep you informed throughout the process, are accessible and provide the highest level of service with extensive training and experience in mediation, arbitration and litigation.

Wills & Estates Frequently Asked Questions

Many of us think we are too young and don’t like to think about making a will as it may feel morbid and daunting, but there is never a better time than today to plan for no tomorrow. If you have never made a will, the only requirement of an individual is to be mentally competent and over 18 (unless you are married or have children).

Would you buy a discount parachute? Are you willing to put your life on the line by jumping out of a plane wearing a discount parachute? You should not put everything you have worked for and your family at risk by looking for a discount. We take the time to review and analyze your situation and watch for the hazards that can cause real problems. No Will kit can do that.

We have been highly focused on Wills & Estates for over 14 years. To make sure your Will and Estate plan is bulletproof and secure, we have invested heavily in specialized courses and professional development. This investment of time and resources on our end helps us to be sure you will receive the right Estate plan for you.

You always have more than you think you do and no matter what you have, your family has to take care of what you do have if you pass away. We also need to give authority to your family to take care of you and your property if you cannot do this anymore because of an accident or illness. That ability is not just given to your family which is why you need a Personal Directive and Power of Attorney.

Protecting What Matters Most

Protecting What Matters Most

We know family legal situations can be emotionally charged and complex. We are here to help you work through the confusing, and sometimes overwhelming, world of estate planning and family law, including divorce, separation and child custody and support. Our innovative and cost-effective solutions are delivered with care to protect what matters most. We are proud to serve Calgary, AB and surrounding areas.

What Matters to You Matters to Us

Family legal situations can be emotionally charged, complex and confusing. We are here to help you face and conquer the challenges related to estate planning and family law, including divorce, separation and child custody and support. 

At Mosaicstone Law, we tailor our approach to your individual circumstances, understanding that each situation is unique. Our innovative and cost-effective solutions are delivered with care to protect what matters most. Call us at 403.226.5830 because what matters to you, matters to us.

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